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Unknownmpsa: Im from the Darkside too

Siemenssx1: God, I really need all the tips I can get haha

Mo Chubby: I am from Serbia and i date with German man.

Tunc Bey: This video is quite misleading and it makes people think brazilian man are a bit difficult with where to draw the line. Not all of them are sexist pigs like that, not all of them act like that with football (thank god).

ToshPointFro: I'm german and that's so true lmao

Bastarz Lr: Wow greek women was insane

Atish Chanda: I was bitch yaaaasss when he was reciting my song from trini

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Joborex: They are very territorial indeed. Just ask any palestinian.

MPB 727: Great video, as always : make you know you're dating polish girl when :D That'd be awesome

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Resoltum: The football one is so True tho xD

MyNameJeff: How about the sex

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HalfFey: We havent used that flag for almost 2 years

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Mnsb Ndn: So true (canadian)

Chris PL: Used the Union Jack for England instead of the English Flag.

Eric Lin: Hmong women are beautiful then any others women around the world. TK

Hippoklops: Beautiful French people they are very Interesting Smart

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4. Nothing, of course I was in the military and a cop so I've always ran toward the danger/needy.

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4.Embarrassment. For both myself and you. I'd be embarrassed to point it out to you because you might get embarrassed and it's just one vicious cycle.

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Such an amazing video. I'm sorry this is happening but a great video on how to handle it. I think this needs to be shared. Stay strong. your videos are great and informative and no one deserves to be harassed. Thank you for sharing this to help others.

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I thought people did it because it's a biblical covenant. guess I've been wrong for four decades

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Moral of the story, don't use a rollup as a condom.

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Welcome to Youtube, Lindsey! If I wouldn't be subscribed already you would've got me at the latest when you mentioned Firefly. Probably way earlier! ;)

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Absolutely hilarious! I think you are perfect for this. My husband and I were discussing that if we were having problems we would be totally comfortable with you! That's great! Oh and we both think you're part pixie! You are adorable!