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Big-Boy 97: Please do the YLYD a Ukrainian woman please

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Ruth Dragon: The one about Germany is absolutely true, I can confirm. Especially if you live in a rural area. Some guy sued his neighbour for working on his pool on a Sunday, no joke

Mas Rifqi: I don't know. There is selfstereotype in Russia that we drink a lot, but i have a few friends, who live in Europe and they think european is fucking insane about alcohol. While russian like to have cultural drinking, with good food, toastes and talking europeans seem to like just put as much alchohol in their body as they can and it was just weird for my friends.

Mimmz1989: Hey! Can you do one for maybe a southern Americans? I would like to see y'all spin on us here from the outside world (our culture is different than the typical Americans that's why I asked).

Farid Alijani: I don't think the video was meant to degrade asian women but is a reflection of how they are objectified by white males. It isn't appropriate to approach anyone looking asian by greeting them in their possible native tongue. I don't get how he got any further with the Asian-Canadian girl after that sentence. And the question 'where are you really from? is plain offensive, she gave you an answer, stop pressing it.

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MYOONDII: Hey all let's all watch until the end when I make a point to say . wait for it. I couldn't get all the countries represented. Even the ones I did find came with a LOT of work as this is filmed in Toronto. Clearly people are under the illusion that there is a lot of budget for these videos and that I'm able to fly anywhere I want at the snap of my fingers . yes.

Lars Chue: Can I request for a Ukrainian woman also?

Jasmine V: Its not True i am italian and a Small part of us is like this

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Her son has landed in jail and girl must resist him out.

Amazing Ashlynn Brooke Rides Shaft (huuu)
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I recently had an experience with resisting the bystander effect when, in the car on the way to dinner with my family, we drove past a man lying curled up on the footpath (he looked like he was writhing). Due to the nature of the suburb we live in, it's possible this man was A Drunk; B Overdosing; or C Recently stabbed. So we called an ambulance, appraised them of the situation, described his location and named the intersection he was at, but didn't stop because of the potential risk (of stabbing).

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Wahahaha hilarious! And still very informative. Well done! I think that getting a boner on the massage table is a bit similar to getting a boner while you sleep or having 'morning wood'. When you relax, blood can flow to the groin and give you a boner, which you don't always expect. :D

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LEGO James Web Space Telescope FTW! Wot! Wot!

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What is the best way to bring up an STI to the girl that you've already had protected sex with?

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Thanks for the resource; that was very helpful

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I love all of the flack that you're getting for mentioning homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are NOT just water-they're also alcohol, which can function as an acid or a base, depending on the situation. This will slightly change the body's pH balance-which, as she mentioned, is one factor in the suppression of herpes. Further, even though it's a placebo, it makes the people taking it feel more comfortable, reducing stress-which is another factor.