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My name is Lidia, 32 years old from Birmingham: I have an older man fetish. I have a music education degree and i play the flute, piano and i also sing. I want it from a man - the smell of apple pie arouses our british noses, increasing her genital sensitivity by up to 24%. My type of guys are white , slim , well dressed , kind , intelligent , good talkers and funny. If your not orally inclined there is no need to respond. I love having my pic taken and i love sleeping in the buff.

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DESCRIPTION: This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by an anonymous user on Quora:

Louise N: Do u hate us

Barack Osama: That didn't sound brazilian portuguese at all

MrTherber2: C'est ce qui fait rire la fille grecque quand elle le regarde!

Suga Moo: Ukrainian girls speaking English is the bomb

JГёcs Gbc: The Russian lady that speaks english, sounds so good.those R dang !

MrRedPT: Very similar to Danish dudes!

Frank Murphy: It's really dumb!

Eli Fong: He drinks all the vodka

Watermelon: Russian woman was the best.

Dwarf Gaming: Well, this video certainly portraits me pretty well, so, well done!

Axl Avenue: I'm brazilian, but to be honest, I don't undertand the Portuguese at all when they're speaking. Their accent lol

Jungyoongi: Her family will expect you to kiss their ass. they will want you to prove yourself to them but they think they don't have to prove themselves to you.

Kuriboh: I guess its more matter of voice and way you are talking not a language itself ;p funny video anyway :)

Damian Hellas: Next time, do French Canadians for me, my friends and my family! Please!

Linafelina: I have a long distance boyfriend, he lives in New Delhi and we plan on meeting in person in a year. I wonder if it will be like this when we meet?

Jay Awesome: I'm still waiting on the Puerto Rican, Domincan, Cuban and Columbian Women.

Ghaz Man: Waiting for Japanese women please !

Anita Reyes: The French girl doesn't have the real accent . You can easily tell she is not really French . Because I am and I didn't clearly understand what she was saying

Cases Remetir: I've been curious to know, do Indian women like black men , not the stereotype of the thug ones that you see robbing a liquor store or that's in gangs obviously, but the hard working ,well mattered, law abiding citizen black men?

The Snaps: This is why I dated outside Denmark XD My boyfriend is half Finnish. He is shy but very nice like many others Finnish that I met.

Chris63392: In the video where it was the other way around I could actually hear that Chandler was Chinese and not Japanese by origine although I don't speak both languages. I've just emerged myself that greatly in those cultures.

Nina Tokia: Cade a legenda ?

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12 Apr It seems that every year, especially when the weather heats up and we shrug out of our heavy coat cocoons, there's some article floating around about female fashion trends that dudes can't wrap their heads around. It usually goes a little something like this: “I don't get why girls are wearing high waist shorts. 8 Mar Oh! Sexism with a heaping side of racism. My favorite. Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 9. jessica williams racist. 7. Because contraception never fails, right? Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist awkward-black-girl-shut-up. 8. Men's studies? You mean almost every course ever? Yahoo Answers Questions. 14 Feb Prile no from Atlanta. No, I wouldn't date one for long that is. I met with her north for about pan an hour on Glad and she was much more sincere the first prime. Dating a male model yahoo answers. Answer Questions I don't know if I should continue being with my bf of seven years or just leave him? Answer.

Let's say it straight: Yahoo Answers can be a young, well, inane at times.

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My signature is Hannah, 30 years old from San Antonio: If interested, drop me a line and say something on every side you. I want it from a man - novelty sex positions and places produces more dopamine, giving a stronger orgasm I want you to call me your cum slut, whore, what all the time. I am every time experimenting with my hair, it's a blonde now. I'm gonna make you feel on the top of the world! xxx

It's a spelling and grammar disaster area that would send your Language Arts schoolmaster heading for the hills.

17 Jul I've interviewed many people about love and relationships over the past few years, and one of my favorite interviewees was a something woman we'll call Addison. When she was in her very early 20s, Addison met a man who was absolutely smitten with her — and he made sure that she knew it. 19 Sep This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by an anonymous user on Quora: There are a lot of interesting aspects to it, and I'm sure my experience is different from that of others, but I'll relate my story here since I was asked to answer this. I dated a model during what you might call her "declining". Dating a male model yahoo answers, pagination. They start with some wildly unnecessary explanation of how to make the Christian Sign of the Crossdecry a bunch of other religionsand then proceed to describe a whole bunch of Russian Orthodox gibberish that would make even Vladimir Putin roll his eyes. Dating a super.

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#1 14.06.2017 at 23:10 DELIA:
That was epic :D

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Circumcision is also considered a cure for phimosis. So there are relevant medical reasons for removing the foreskin. I was considered for such treatment due to the fact that i had phimosis, but thankfully my parents got around to another treatment and so i'm not circumcised : IT'S FUN TO HAVE FORESKIN GUYS :D

#3 26.06.2017 at 16:36 CHERIE:
Seeing that this video got more up votes than down votes is a clear sign that humanity is in a death spiral! This is the most ignorant horseshit I have ever seen on Youtube. and that is a monumental achievement!

#4 29.06.2017 at 00:11 NOELLE:
I was assaulted a year ago, and I'm still dealing with the health effects of the strong antibiotics the doctor had me take as a precaution. I'm tired of feeling like I'm still carrying the weight of this with me.

#5 05.07.2017 at 10:30 GEORGINA:
One other random anecdote from that time frame, a lesbian friend of mine really appreciated gay male porn because the guys in them were so perfect. So yeah sexuality is weird and wonderful!

#6 07.07.2017 at 04:55 EVANGELINE:
I was always curious how i could move my dick up and down

#7 17.07.2017 at 06:52 LIDIA:
With partners who started with explicit consent and explicit rejection this is so incredibly helpful and important.В

#8 26.07.2017 at 14:55 JILLIAN:
Hooray for not being classified at all!

#9 29.07.2017 at 02:39 GRETCHEN:
Instructions not clear,

#10 31.07.2017 at 03:03 LESLIE:
Pig disgusting degenerate scum.

#11 03.08.2017 at 22:48 BENITA:
tbh, it doesn't say mich bc I'm ace, but it's still pretty funny)