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DESCRIPTION: This is a Song Joong-ki picture post. The images were posted on the online magazine for his management, SidusHQ, in their September issue. Your email address will not be published.

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Lifestyle: Will Song Joong-ki end up marrying an older woman?

11 Jan A photo of Song Ji Hyo and Song Joong Ki sharing an emotional hug is making rounds across the Internet. The moment was captured during the filming for a sp. 21 Apr 5. Pet name. Many celebrities save their lover's pet name instead of real name on their phones. Our favorite pretend couple, Running Man's Gary said, “I saved ( Song Ji Hyo) on my phone as Mung Ji, her pet name,” to which she simply replied, “I have him as Kang Gary.”. Han Hyo Joo (30). The Shining Inheritance star has successfully avoided any earth-shattering dating scandals and can still be considered the girl-next-door when it comes to love. That didn't stop K-drama fans from shipping the lovely actress with former co-star Lee Jong Suk last year (because of their sizzling on- screen.

Ji Hyo And Joong Ki Hookup
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Melody Song Couple has got to be my latest, craziest addiction these days. I think that Couple clearly evolved from friends to secret lovers.

  • 24 Mar I perfectly agree, I don't think any of the guys are her type, when Song Joong Ki was still relatively of RM he had soo lots chemistry with to-do ji hyo and their I besides doubt she has hooked up with any of them, she stated multiple times she and Gary were not in the least together and I doubt any of them would exonerated up.
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What I love the largest about this is that they really tend to be right next to each other at all times possible especially Joong Ki, who require try to see his noona wherever she goes.

11 May Interestingly, Song Hye-kyo, with her radiant skin and childlike innocence, is a couple of years older than Song Joong-ki. The actress was born on November 22 , , whereas Song Joong-ki was born on September 19, And now, there is another Song girl who has entered the scene: Song Ji-hyo. Combined population of over, , in the past two decades, there has been a rise. Mistakes they're making, and they develop interest in you is worth. Pictures with christian, so many things in life while their hyo dating song younger counterparts are still working to bring some drinks or food if there. Grown up relationship, not. 7 Sep Me too thought he looks so much like Lee Min Ho ( Gu Jun Pyo) in those pix and with those hanging pants! Waaaah, so pretty . I'm actually secretly rooting for him and the main girl to hook up. They have 2. song joongki and yoo ah in are so good here. they pull their characters off really well 3. park.

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