Sagittarius Woman Hookup A Scorpio Man

A Man Sagittarius Scorpio Woman Hookup
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DESCRIPTION: Keeping the Flame Between Scorpio and Sagittarius. At first glance, their chances for long-term love seem slim. But, just as water can put out a fire, it can also add some serious steam.


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Scorpio Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Scorpio is watery fix and Sagittarius is fiery mute. Water and fire are natural enemies, so in the beginning you both will experience some problems. 2 Feb I'm a sag woman and I'm head over hills for this Scorpio guy he's so sexy its intoxicating. We meet thru his brother and the first time I hung with him it was a natural connection(we didntt do anything though) after that he was calling, texting me, making me laugh, just a sweetie pie. But he would ask 'let's. So I am a Scorpio man and I have only had 2 serious relationships in my life, and oddly enough they were both with Sag women. I have a lot of Leo aspects in my chart, which is why I feel I have an instantaneous connection with most, if not all Sag females that I come across, but it gets much deeper than that. When I was 13 .

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  • Without question, both signs have intense and passionate personalities and any connection between these two is always unforgettable. The Male Scorpion and the Female Archer. The Scorpio man is dark, mysterious, and moody. Always with passion and intensity, his emotions and motivations come from some place deep.
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Sagittarius is a peppery sign. Independence, impertinent and expansion are your keywords. You love helping others.

Sagittarius Woman Hookup A Scorpio Man
My name is Rosemarie, 23 years old from Winston–Salem: I am a very lonely lady. I eat lots and lots of chocolate covered marshmallows. You should definitely check me. Marisa xx Total discretion assured.

16 Jan Sagittarius woman and Scorpio man will have an instant attraction. The passions will run high but it is important to note this is still a fire and water combination, and the two elements rarely mix with positive results. I'm not saying it's. Scorpio is watery fix and Sagittarius is fiery mute. Water and fire are natural enemies, so in the beginning you both will experience some problems. I am a sag woman and he is a scorpio man. It's funny the way it is described here. Because I am more of a quiet person and he wants to fix things then. I ask for space and he invades it. We are both equally jealous and stubborn. “Thou he says I can be more then him.” We love the same. We are passionate, big hearted very.

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